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Privacy Policy


Easydiagnosis.com and MatheMedics.com operate strictly under the following privacy policies and principles:

  1. The only personally identifiable information we obtain about individual visitors to its Web sites, such as name, address, telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, and credit card information, is that supplied voluntarily by visitors who elect to contact us or pay for our services.
  2. Any and all such personal information provided by visitors is regarded as confidential, and under no circumstances will it be disclosed to ANY third parties, such as advertisers, database compilers, etc. without express permission from the visitor.
  3. Only statistical information such as usage habits and demographics of our visitors as a group may be shared with any partner of MatheMedics or EasyDiagnosis. Personally identifiable information will not be shared at any time.
  4. We employ strict security measures to safeguard all online transactions. Personal information is stored in a secured database and always sent via an encrypted Internet channel to our merchant service company.
  5. We protect the privacy of any health-related information entered into our programs. Moreover, we isolate all such information such that it is impossible to link or associate it with any personally identifiable data submitted voluntarily or obtained for credit card payment. We do, however, collect purely statistical data on program use.

How computers are identified on the Internet

An Internet Protocol or IP address is a number automatically assigned by the server each time any user/computer accesses the Internet. Unlike an ordinary telephone number, the IP address is not usually fixed except with certain providers or companies who maintain group IP identification on specified networks. IP addresses, as with telephone numbers or any other form of identification, identify and allow people/computers to communicate with each other, and are universally employed on the Internet for this purpose.

MatheMedics and EasyDiagnosis, like virtually all web and other Internet sites, use statistical programs to collect and analyze aggregate data on servers and visitors accessing their respective sites. This is done to conduct system administration, site analysis, and report and analyze statistical data on traffic for various purposes, including requests from advertisers. To maintain visitor anonymity, we do not associate IP addresses with records containing submitted personal information except in the case where this becomes necessary to track and identify anyone who threatens our site, service or visitors.


A "cookie" is any small program or text file containing information that a web site transfers to a visitor's hard disk for record keeping or to facilitate the transfer of content during an online session. EasyDiagnosis only uses cookies for visitors coming to our site through a link from one of our affiliates. The only information contained in the cookie is the username of the affiliate. No personal information or recording of individual browsing activity is recorded. The only thing the cookie is used for is to record from which affiliate website a paying subscriber came from. This information is used to calculate commisions for our affiliates, and to review the overall value of our various affilliates.

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