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What People Are Saying About Easy Diagnosis

Easydiagnosis appears in the college textbooks, Succeeding with Technology, — (Course Technology/Thomson Learning, Feb.2004) and in Principles of Information Systems, 1999 under "Applications of Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence": Referring to the chest pain program" "Mathemedics© has developed a straightforward, easy-to-use program, requiring only the input of carefully obtained clinical information... It does what a true expert medical expert system should without the need for complicated user input."

In "For the Record" June 17, 2002 Under New Web Site Targets consumer concerns, "A new Web site, www.easydiagnosis.com, lets users tap into an expert system for medical diagnosis that has been under development by medical and artificial intelligence experts for more than 20 years."

In www.amednews.com ("the newspaper for America's physicians") 5/21/02 under Business: "Web site lets patients narrow diagnosis on their own." "A physician-created Web site lets consumers use decision-support software to obtain a list of problems they might have."

Online advice: EasyDiagnosis

EasyDiagnosis (www.easydiagnosis.com), can help patients determine if they need to see their doctors urgently. The site is a consumer version of a decision support software application developed by MatheMEDics for the managed care industry. Users begin by selecting their primary symptoms from a menu. Next, they answer a series of questions. Finally, they receive a list of possible diagnoses ranked in order of probability.

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