Volume 4  Number 6  August 21, 2007
Second Opinions

Why Another Medical Blog?

As my medical newsletter, Second Opinions, became more and more popular, it occurred to me that a blog might stimulate more frequent Internet postings, not only by me, but hopefully by readers as well. Read more

Seat Belts, Airbags, and the Governor

It seems Chris Moltisante of The Sopranos prefigured another New Jersey accident by suffering multiple broken ribs and punctured lungs after not wearing his seat belt on one of the last TV shows of the series." Typical injury from airbag" someone remarked. From the looks of Chris, blood pouring out of his mouth amid gasps for breath, he probably would have died anyway, but for the sake of the story, got a suffocation assist from Uncle Tony. Read more

Where's the 24/7 Rule in Hospitals?

Fever and many other symptoms of illness intensify in the later hours of the day. This is a fact of life for the sick, especially those unfortunate enough to be hospitalized, many of whom have been operated during the preceding sunlit hours. As the evening draws on there is fewer staff to attend patients. After dark is prime time for serious, even fatal hospital mistakes. Staff is cut even more on the night shift, let alone weekends and holidays. Read more

The Vitamin C Hangover

Linus Pauling, Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, is ranked in a list of the 20 greatest scientists of all time by the British magazine New Scientist, along with Albert Einstein and Newton. His previous insights about the structure of DNA led to its discovery by Watson and Crick. He is considered a founding father of quantum chemistry and molecular biology. Anticipating over 50 years ago the dangers of air pollution from automobile exhaust, he even built an early electric car! Read more

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