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EasyDiagnosis Principals

Henry R. Sturman, M.Sc.Eng - Director of Software Research and Development

Mr. Sturman, who began work in expert medical systems in 1985, founded MatheMEDics with his father and Dr. Manuel Perez in 1987. For the past 3 years his work has been focused on process optimization and decision support software in a web-accessible interactive platform for physicians, health care providers, and consumers. He has developed and refined Bayesian and other probabilistic algorithms and produced shell software programs for EasyDiagnosis.

Mr. Sturman brings over 16 years of computer software experience to MatheMEDics. An experienced programmer, in C, Visual Basic, HTML, Java, JavaScript,PHP, and CGI/PERL he has developed software for various operating system environments. He has been a C programmer for Xelion, b.v., consulted for Well Design Associates, and WALVIS Software and has his own computer consultant company.

Mr. Sturman attended Ursinus College in the U.S. and is a graduate of Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands, Department of Applied Physics, with Computer Science major. He holds an Ir.Degree from Delft (equivalent to an M.Sc.Eng. degree).

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