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Thorask - Diagnostic Expert System for Chest Pain

Information about Chest Pain


This program, developed by MatheMEDics, is designed to assist in the medical diagnosis of non-traumatic chest pain. Nine principal diagnoses or conditions which account for over 95% of acute or chronic chest pain are included along with a 10th miscellaneous group. The program can only be used with patients who have chest pain as their principal complaint. The reliability of the program obviously depends on the information supplied by the physician and patient. Entering incorrect or misleading information will cause erroneous or unreliable results. THIS PROGRAM DOES NOT MAKE A "DIAGNOSIS," something only a physician can do. It merely lists an order of likelihood and estimates probabilities of diseases or conditions based on its internal codes and your answers to the questions. In addition, the program furnishes a clinical overview of each diagnostic category and provides limited clinical advice.

This software is undergoing clinical trials. At this time, MatheMEDics has no information on the statistical accuracy or reliability of the software when used in patients with acute or chronic thoracic pain.

It is the opinion of legal counsel that using stand-alone medical expert system software (programs not controlling medical devices) cannot be construed as the practice of medicine. Still, we must stress this disclaimer: MatheMEDics MAY NOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY MISDIAGNOSIS, DAMAGES, INJURY, OR DEATH OCCURRING TO ANY PATIENT WHOSE FINDINGS ARE ENTERED HEREIN.

The program emphasizes a clinical approach to a common symptom, chest pain, but it remains, nonetheless, A TEST PROCEDURE. Thus, the physician should regard the output of this program the same as he does any test results, be it a chest radiograph, cardiogram, CK-MB enzyme level, or arteriography. As always in the practice of medicine


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