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Habits and Lifestyle-Normal Fatigue
From Expert System: Chronic Fatigue

Among the most common causes of fatigue and weakness are obviously inadequate rest, physical, or psychologic stress. Personal problems, such as family and financial concerns often cause NORMAL or "reactive" fatigue as a direct result of worry and insomnia. "Workaholics," those with demanding work schedules or two jobs, "late-nighters," party-goers, parents of infants, especially single parents, belong in the obvious group of fatigue due to sleep or rest deprivation. Other causes resulting in constant or intermittent fatigue include inadequate nutrition and a sedentary lifefstyle, especially one that excludes regular exercise or physical activity.

Loss of sleep due to a variety of other causes (excessive coffee, alcohol, smoking etc.) is an often unrecognized cause of daytime fatigue.

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